How it Works

1 Member registration

Register to online using the register menu

You can also register using Mpesa, payment services, till number 177632 and enter amount of your choice and an account will automatically be created.

  • Follow these steps:
  • 1.Go to mpesa menu.
  • 2.Select buy goods.
  • 3.Enter till number 177632.
  • 4.Enter the amount to transfer to mybetmasters account.
  • 5.Enter your mpesa pin.
  • 6.Confirm that the details are correct, then send.
  • 7.Wait for Mpesa transaction confirmation SMS.

2 After registration you can now access My account on the website and top up any amount within these range Ksh<10-7000> via till number 177632.

The confirmation SMS from MPESA will be the following:

XXXXXXXXX confirmed XXXX paid to Masterclass solutions on DATE at TIME.

3 Your account will reflect the balance (we do not charge anything for registration) and you are now ready to receive predictions

4 Go to the Predictions menu and a list of available predictions will be displayed

5 Click on prediction for games of interest

6 A menu will be displayed where you can opt for predictions via sms or web. If you choose web the prediction will be listed in the subscribed prediction. If you choose sms you will receive the following message

GAME prediction TIP Account balance is xxx@betmasters

7 You can also receive predictions via phone by texting GameId of selected game of interest to 40100

Note: All matches have a unique four digit code called Gameid (e.g.1040)

Multiple Predictions

To request multiple games, send the GAMEIDS to 40100. i.e with ids 203, 403,584; Send 203#403#584 to 40100 and you will get predictions for the games.

8 In our predictions the following are the meaning of the prediction tips used

  • 1- Home win
  • 2- Away win
  • X- Teams Draw
  • GG- Both teams score
  • NG- Either one team doesn't score or both
  • DC1X- Home team wins or both draw
  • DC12- Home team wins or away team wins
  • DC2X- Away team wins or both draw
  • UNDER 1.5- Less than 2 goals in total
  • OVER 1.5- 2 or more goals in total
  • UNDER 2.5- Less than 3 goals in total
  • OVER 2.5- 3 or more goals in total
  • DRAW NO BET 1- Home team wins if both draws no bet
  • DRAW NO BET 2- Away team wins if both draws no bet
  • HT 1- HalfTime home team will be leading
  • HT 2- HalfTime away team will be leading
  • HT X- HalfTime both teams will be draw
  • HT UNDER 1.5- HalfTime total goals will be less than 2
  • HT OVER 1.5- HalfTime total goals will be from 2 and above

Contact Support on: +254729737256

* Please note, is not an online gambling operator, or a gambling site/company of any kind. provides members with sports predictions only!